Windows Server 2019 LTSC

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November 17, 2020—KB4594442 (OS Build 17763.1579) Out-of-band.

Updates an issue that might cause Kerberos authentication and ticket renewal issues that are related to the implementation of CVE-2020-17049.

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Windows Server 2019 Bug

It appears that Microsoft’s recently released Windows Server 2019 has a bug that prevents NPS from working correctly out of the box. Specifically, it looks like the default Windows firewall rules to allow inbound UDP port 1812 (RADIUS authentication) and inbound UDP port 1813 (RADIUS accounting) do not work.


To resolve this issue, open an elevated command window and enter the following command.

sc.exe sidtype IAS unrestricted

Once complete, restart the server and the default Windows Firewall rules for NPS traffic will work correctly.


other workaroaund:

Eine zusätzliche Firewall Regel anlegen die die Ports 1812 und 1813 (UDP) öffnet

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Windows Deployment Services cannot be located on the specified server. The server might be down, there might be problems with the network, Windows Deployment Services might not be installed, the installation might

be corrupt or you might not have permission to access the server.












How to fix:

On the WDS Server run the following commands in an Elevated Command Prompt:

wdsutil /uninitialize-server,
wdsutil /initialize-server /reminst:{RemoteInstallFolder}   (example: WDSUTIL /Initialize-Server /RemInst:D:\RemoteInstall)



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