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OpenShot 3.1.1 highlights:

  • Bumping version to 3.1.1, min libopenshot dependency to 0.3.2
  • Prevent freeze on launch (in Windows - when your sample-rate in OpenShot does not match the host OS sample-rate)
  • Fix duplicate Profile name bug (causing an issue when exporting and re-opening a project with specific profile names)
  • Adding Profile search button to Preferences (for easier filtering and searching for a default profile)
  • Protect timeline (webview) from receiving lots of unneeded messages from libopenshot
  • Large refactor for Tracker and Object Detection effects (allow property editing, prevent crashes, allow parent property to work)
  • Refactor of Parent property (simpler, a single 'None' option, thumbnail images)
  • Improved caching logic around Property Editor (better performance while adjusting clip properties)
  • Many small code refactors and fixes to prevent noisy errors (reported by
  • Updated language translations
  • Updated credits and donors
  • Removed old GitHub Action builder for Ubuntu 18.04, and tweaked GitHub CI build scripts


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