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PowerToys is a set of utilities for power users to tune and streamline their Windows experience for greater productivity. Inspired by the Windows 95 era PowerToys project, this reboot provides power users with ways to squeeze more efficiency out of the Windows 10 shell and customize it for individual workflows. A great overview of the Windows 95 PowerToys can be found here.

--silent Use completely silent installation
--no_full_ui Do not use MSI wizard dialog, use reduced progress bar instead
--no_start_pt Do not start PowerToys after the installation is complete
--skip_dotnet_install Do not install dotnet, even if it's detected that it's not installed
--help Shows the list of supported command-line arguments
--log_level Possible values: off debug error
--log_dir Directory location where to save the logs

A command that would not install dotnet core and be silent would be the following:

PowerToysSetup-0.27.0-x64.exe --silent --skip_dotnet_install --log_level error --log_dir C:\PTlogs

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